Klick Photography was Established in 1987

Providing Photography Services to the industry's Like:
Fashion - Product - Jewelry - Food - Catalogs - Art
Head Shot - 3D and 360 Products and Toys Animation.

Our studio is located in Los Angeles CA 91403
Tel: 323 309-0499



About: Yona Engel
I found my first camera when I was a teenager. 
It was in bad shape from exposure to the elements, 
so out of curiosity I took it apart and put it back together again and have since then been 
fascinated by both the mechanics and the beauty that photography offers. 
Whether shooting jewelry, food, beauty products, fashion clothing or portraits, 
I still thrill at creating something from nothing. 
I not only posses an artistic eye, but have extensive knowledge of digital software, 
am highly skilled at retouching and have built many of my own sets. 
I have excellent working relationships with clients, stylists, models and designers. 
And thank you for your consideration.